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  Flex EPV Features



  • All-in-One Stepped and Stepless Pushbuttons
  • All-in-One Digital and Analog Receiver Outputs
  • Frequency Hopping RF Transmission
  • Transmitter Access Card (TAC)
  • Zero-G and Infrared Sensors Embedded
  • Wireless Remote Pairing and Programming
  • Wired, Wireless and Plugin Battery Charging
  • Ergonomic, Compact and Lightweight
  • Fully Sealed Enclosures (IP66/NEMA4)
  • Unique Receiver Mounting Brackets

  •   All-in-One 1~3 Steps and Stepless Pushbuttons
      The innovated pushbutton design provides easy configurations of transmitter pushbutton steps
      by means of selecting the appropriate color-coded pushbutton caps. The pushbutton is extremely
      reliable and durable for more than five million press cycles. The defined snap-action steps
      provide positive tactile feedback even wearing gloves.
      All-in-One Digital and Analog Receiver Outputs
      The innovated receiver design provides easy configurations of receiver outputs by means of
      selecting the appropriate receiver output modules; 2-step relay module for 1 and 2-step
      pushbutton pair, 3-step relay module for 3-step pushbutton pair, and analog module (0~10V and
      0~20mA) for stepless pushbutton pair. The large display window provides effortless programming
      and status indications.


    Abundant Programmable Functions
    All functions and settings are easily set via the transmitter pushbuttons, dipswitches, receiver LCD screen, and in-house designed IR programmer unit. Customized functions can also be added upon request.


    EPVF04 EPVF05 EPVF06
    EPVF07 Frequency Hopping RF Transceiver
    The Flex EPV system automatically search and lock onto a free and uninterrupted channel at every system startup or during operation when encountering radio interference. The system is also capable of two-way communication between the transmitter and receiver and as well as receiver to receiver with status feedbacks (e.g. MAIN relays, output relays, inputs from external sources, and receiver fault detection).

    EPVF08 Programmable Transmitter Access Card (TAC)
    The optional transmitter access card feature (TAC) further guard against any unauthorized personnel from operating the system. The TAC can also be individually programmed unlocking any specific function or functions on the transmitter allowing a more experienced or qualified user to operate, such as the magnet lift, tandem operation, entering restricted areas, etc... The TAC is based on the RFID technology so any industry standard RFID cards or chips can be programmed into the transmitter, such as the commonly used employee RFID badges.

    Zero-G Sensor Imbedded
    The transmitter is embedded with a Zero-G sensor to guard against any unintended control of the crane or equipment when transmitter is thrown or dropped. When triggered, the entire system will shut down with exception of the horn function.


    Wireless Remote Pairing Function
    System information can be transferred wirelessly between two transmitters or between a transmitter and a receiver without the hassle of resetting the spares.

    Infrared Startup & System Programming
    All Flex EPV transmitters and receivers are standard-equipped with infrared sensors for infrared system startup option and system wireless programming.

    EPVF11 Advanced Controls
    The system utilizes dual advanced microprocessor controls with 32bit CRC and Hamming Code, providing ultra-fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding.

    Ultra-Durable & Rugged Enclosures
    The transmitter and receiver enclosures are made from industrial strength nylon and fiberglass composite material, not ABS plastic. All housings meet the IP66/NEMA4 requirements and are highly resistant to dirt, liquid, acid, alkali, grease and oil penetration. The receiver enclosures and output cables are UL94-V0 rated.


    Compact & Lightweight
    The ergonomically designed transmitter and receiver enclosures are extremely compact and lightweight for easy operation and installation.

    Unique Mounting Bracket
    The removable receiver mounting brackets are uniquely designed for easy mounting and dismounting.

    Low Power Consumption & Versatility
    The transmitter requires only two "AA" alkaline batteries with more than 100 hours of uninterrupted operation between replacements. If rechargeable method is preferred, any off-the-shelf high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable batteries can be used in conjunction with the in-house designed plugin-type portable charger and wired & wireless charging stations, fully interchangeable.

    Prewired Output Cable
    A prewired cable is standard equipment on all Flex EPV systems.




    EPVF18 Pitch & Catch Operation
    This standard-equipped function allows two operators controlling from opposite ends of a crane or equipment.

    Tandem Operation
    This function allows one operator controlling two cranes at the same time via a 3-position A/B/A+B rotary select switch. A special tandem output is provided for external tandem box connection.

    Random Access Operation
    This function allows multiple operators randomly controlling multiple cranes on a first come - first served basis.

    Worldwide Approvals
    The Flex EPV systems are fully tested and certified in accordance with the FCC Part-15 Rules and European Safety Standards such as the EN 301 489-1&3, EN 300 220-1&2, EN 60204-32, EN 60950, EN 60529 and EN 13849-1 Category PLd.


    Labels & Accessories
    Flex EPV system is standard-equipped with pushbutton labels, waist belt, vinyl casing, receiver mounting bracket and output cable. Magnet mount, belt clip, lanyard, rubber guards, padded casings, shoulder strap, receiver indicator light & horn kits, charging stations, external antenna, and TAC are optional.